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With Circular Way, circular fashion isn’t just a path to follow. It’s an experience to be lived. From our groundbreaking selection of the world’s most regenerative clothes to our end-to-end circular shopping experience, we bring circular fashion to life.

What is Circular Fashion?
What is

Circular Fashion?

Circular fashion is a world in which all clothes are used fully, reclaimed and regenerated into new clothes. Sadly, the fashion industry is a million miles away from this ideal. Currently, 85% of clothes end up in landfill (most of them perfectly wearable), and less than 1% of clothes are regenerated into new clothes.

True circularity can never be achieved by simply throwing clothes in a recycling bin or reselling things occasionally. It requires a full-scale shift in how clothes are designed, sold and used.

Introducing Circular Way

Circular Way

Circular Way is the first fully circular fashion retailer. We use advanced technology to transform people's relationship with their clothes. The result is a fashion experience that’s more fun, more engaging and of greater value than anything that’s come before.

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